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March 2020 Meetings

This has been a most interesting year for Ministry as I left Houston on March 2, prepared to stay at least 3 months and minister in churches, seminars, and other group meetings.  Little did anyone realize things around the world would quickly change.

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Arriving safely in Kenya Tuesday night, March 3, and accomplishing business in Nairobi town on Wednesday, ministry began Thursday as I shared an encouraging word with this group of JCF Pastors in their monthly meeting.

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Joy Christian Fellowship -- Ongata Rongai Meetings


We began an all church weekend conference in Rongai on Friday night. I preached in 5 different services.

This is a young church, but we had a powerful time together in the Word and prayer. Weekend meetings here are filled with people who expect to hear from God and experience His presence.


Blessed are the hungry and thirsty, for they shall be filled

God of all Grace (Magoon Praise Center) -- Nakuru

The last open church services in Kenya were the weekend of March 20. I spoke to the congregation on Friday night and again in the Sunday morning service and an afternoon session with the ladies.


I shared by the unction of the

Holy Ghost messages to

encourage and uplift these

precious people to “fear not,”

trust in the Lord and He

will keep you.


I’ve communicated with this pastor since returning home and he reminded me I was the last one to share with his church before the close all services order came.  Thank God we share the life-giving words of Jesus – not our ideas

We all followed the requirements of washing hands and social distancing as the government had requested.  

Returning Home During Pandamic

I returned to the United States after only 5 weeks in Kenya. I spoke in 9 different meetings before the government began to close and limit public gatherings, due to a world-wide pandamic.

On April 2, we heard roads in and out of Nairobi were going to be closed. The embassy was working on getting Americans on a plane from Nairobi to DC on April 14. My friends invited me to come to their house so that I would be near the airport if I wanted to take that flight, I hired a driver and was able to get into Nairobi before they closed the roads.

Thirty minutes after I arrived in Nairobi, I received an invitation to return to Atlanta on a private jet with 3 other persons, (previously unknown to me) at absolutely no charge to me. After some delays, we were able to leave Nairobi on Wednesday evening April 8.


We stopped to refuel in Greece, Amsterdam, and Ireland before arriving in Atlanta at 8:20 am Thursday. I was able to get a flight to Houston arriving at 11 am Thursday morning.  Upon arrival to my house, I quarantined as required after traveling out of the country.

Truly the Lord orders our steps. I am so grateful for His care and your prayers. Thanks to each of you. I will return when all of this has passed.

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